Yuma County Up & Coming Club Horse Project

“Ride For 4-H”     Horse Hours Program

Western/English Pleasure Horse Training, Riding, and Driving Hour Tracking Program

If you enjoy working with your 4-H horse; whether it be training foals and yearlings, riding or driving your 4-H horse;
whether owned or leased; or you have a “horseless” horse 4-H project; there is another way to keep track and earn
recognition through the “Ride For 4-H” Horse Hours tracking program without showing in the show ring or competing
in roping and time events. This has been modeled after the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) Ride America®
Saddle Log Program, American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and the American Indian Horse Registry (AIHR)
riding and hour’s programs.

By enrolling in “Ride For 4-H” Horse Hours program, you can strengthen your body and mind while exploring the
great outdoors with your 4-H Horse—all while earning rewards for the time you spend training, riding and driving. With
“Ride For 4-H” Horse Hours program, you set your own goals and measure your own success. Train, drive or ride at
your own pace and earn rewards for simply spending time working with your 4-H horse.

When you enroll in “Ride For 4-H” Horse Hours program, you receive an official time log. Simply
record each hour starting October 1st of each year and describe what occurred that you spend training, riding or
driving your 4-H Horse and send your log to Cochise County 4-H cooperative extension by March 15th of each year.  
Achievement levels will be given recognition each year as well as cumulative throughout your 4-H youth years (age 9-
18).  You write down your hours and keep 4-H records of your accomplishments. Each year, you earn merit awards
for accomplishing yearly hours with other special rewards as well. Plus, if you stay in the horse project all the way
through your 4-H youth (age 9-18) and keep track of your hours, the hours are accumulated with special awards
such as water bottles, blankets, and other gifts. All you have to do is record your progress. Yuma County 4-H
recognizes your achievements.

•Participants must be current 4-H members in good standing (going by their club bylaws) and must maintain
membership for the entire time during which hours are recorded toward a recognition level.
•Submit an enrollment application with goals each year at 4-H project sign up (see appendix A Horse Application &
Log Sheet)
•Participants do not have to own the horse.
•Time may be recorded for any activity in which you participate by training, riding or driving. •Participants must
maintain a separate log on each horse
•Keep track of time and activity, (one (1) hour for each hour actually spent training, riding or
driving) on your 4-H record book journal log. (Feeding and mucking does not count.)
•All time figured is on a one-horse/one-rider basis and is on the honor system.
•Participants are required to show Log sheets and get signatures monthly from their 4-H club
Horse Project leaders to monitor their progress.

Award levels: (Examples only.  Final awards to be determined)
1. There are 4 Yearly achievement levels, plus two special awards.
200-400 hours - Green merit horse pin
401-600 hours - Bronze merit horse pin
601-800 hours - Silver merit horse pin
801 hours - and over - Gold merit horse pin
Feed store certificate for Junior highest hours for the year.
Feed store certificate for Senior highest hours for the year.

2. There are 16 cumulative (add each year onto the last year) achievement levels—from 400 to 6,500
Hours Award
400 Patch and water bottle
800 Patch and key lanyard
1200 Patch and lead rope
1600 Patch and grooming kit
2000 Patch and horn bag
2400 Patch and feed bucket
2800 Patch and water bottle holder
3200 Patch and rope halter
3600 Patch and Duffle Bag
4000 Patch and feed pan
4400 Patch and saddle bags
4800 Patch and saddle blanket or pad
5200 Patch and horse 1st aid kit
5600 Patch and headstall
6000 Patch and Breast Collar or Martingale
6400 Patch and Belt Buckle
Calculations based on the following:
365 days in a year. Work with your horse 2 hours a day = 730 Hours per year
Age 9 to 18 = 9 years, 9 years x 730 Hours per year = 6570

Appendix A – 4-H Horse Application & Log Sheet
(Submit application to project leader by March 15th to get credit.)

Name: _________________________________________________________

Horse ID Name: ____________¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_____________________________________

Street: _________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________ Zip Code: ___________

Telephone: ______________________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________________

Facebook: ________________________________________________

4-H Club: ________________________Yearly Goal_________________

Project Leader Signature: _____________________________________

Parent Signature: ___________________________________________

Horse Project Type and Discipline: (please circle all that apply)

1.        Western

2.        English

3.        Driving

4.        Ground Training

  5. Other: (Please state)________________________________

Within your Record Book, you need to set up a riding log.  It needs to have the following information:

Date     Start Time   End Time   Horse's Name    Activity     Total Hours/Day     Parent Initials    Leader Initials