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Intro to Jumping
Clinics & Seminars
Host a clinic or a seminar.  Pick from one of my "specials" or have one customized for your group.
Everyday Dressage - A weekend clinic where we take the mystery out of dressage and learn how  this type of training  
can benefit every horse.

Designed for those unfamiliar or very new to dressage.  Western saddles welcome!

Regular dressage clinics are a long line of private lessons.
Everyday Dressage is not your regular dressage clinic...this is a group clinic and you spend HOURS in the saddle.

*Trail Riders* - learn how to make your horse more sure-footed.
*Barrel Racers* - learn how to go faster.
*H/J Riders* - improve your frame between fences.
*Western Pleasure Riders* - learn a great way to low and slow.
*Endurance Riders* - build muscle to carry you farther.
*Cutters* - improve ability to work off hindquarters.

Everyday Dressage has something for all horses and riders.    The clinic can be customized to work for your specific

We start on Friday night over interactive discussion about dressage; what it is and what it isn’t.  Who can do it and how   
much do you want to do.  What kind of horse do you need and what kind of equipment does it take.  Learn to talk the talk

Saturday we learn how to walk the walk.  We start on the ground and look for “holes” while we challenge ourselves with some new
skills.  We watch each other and learn which horse knows what.  There will be some fun learning to get on a horse (returning
participants should remember this one!) and then we move on to rider position.

At lunchtime we take a nice break.  Bring your picnic basket as we have potluck lunch – outside if the weather allows.

The afternoon will have us going in circles.  At least we’ll try.  We will learn schooling movements and why they are important.  We’ll
talk terminology so we can trot the trot (what is the difference between jog, slow trot, working trot, medium trot, lengthened trot,
collected trot, extended trot?).

Saturday night is on your own.  You may really appreciate an adult beverage and a hot soak…

Sunday we practice what we have learned. Learn about the levels and what it takes to move up.

Lunch is on your own.  Picnic again or take a nap.  Most times participants want to stay together and keep talking the talk.

For our last riding session we try to pull it all together for a mini-test.  Now you can go home and brag that you are a dressage rider!

A fancy facility is not necessary.  Safe arena/workspace of fairly level ground is requested.  Pastures/fields can be
accommodated!  Overnight stabling is nice for out-of-towners but not required.

Call or email for more info or to book your clinic!