It's not classical dressage.  (Although that is where it got it's start)

It's not competitive dressage.  (Although this can take you there)

It's not Western dressage (Since nobody has that figured out yet)

This is about everyday horse training.  This is about everyday riding.  

This is about riding that you do in your English saddle, your Western saddle, your Australian saddle or no
saddle at all.

This is about blue jeans, or breeches.  Tall, black shiny boots or short, chunky dusty boots.

This is about short horses and tall horses.  This is about million dollar horses and free for the taking horses.   
This is about all breeds of horses.

This is about riding that you can do in an arena or going down the trail.  

This is about balanced riding that is fun to do.  This is about simple training that anyone can learn.

This is about becoming a team, becoming more fit, becoming more confident.

This is Everyday Dressage -  for everybody and every horse.
Copyright 2001 - 2011  by Susan Schaefer.  All rights reserved.
Everyday Dressage
Classical dressage had its start a couple of  thousand  years ago when a man by the name of Xenophon said, "a man should not sit upon a
horse as though he were on a chair, but as though he were standing upright with his legs apart."   His students became Masters and they
passed the concepts of this riding system down through the centuries.  The Renaissance saw an appreciation of the arts cultivated, and
equestrian arts became a sophisticated form of expression for horse and rider.

The training became calvary movements as warriors sought ways for their horses to help them escape when surrounded by the enemy.  
Special movements, known as Airs Above the Ground.....

To be continued.... please check back as this site evolves on a regular basis....