Yuma Horse Enthusiasts Club

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Whether you own a horse or not, this is the group to join if you love horses!  Yuma is a very horsey community, yet many of us are isolated from the rest of the horse
people around the area.  Make new friends and learn more about horses.  Horse people love to hang out together and talk horses.  This club can do almost anything the
members want to do – you decide!  Everyone is invited.

Right now the plan is to meet once a month on Sunday afternoons.  If you find a group within the club that wants to meet more frequently – go for it!   It also might be fun to
change where we meet so we can get a chance to see other horse facilities and enjoy different riding areas.  The meetings will be fun/educational/riding.  Business of the
club will be at separate meetings.

First Meeting:  Sunday, October 24th at noon until 4 pm .  Trailergating!  Whispering Horse Ranch - Yuma.  Bring your picnic
lunch and a little more to share.  Ride, talk, eat, laugh (not necessarily in that order). Bring your horse if you want, but not

The idea is to keep costs down, but we need some money to keep things going.  Maybe $10 per person per year with a max of $30 per family.  We’ll decide at the first

For more information on the club, the programs, or the meeting, please call Susan 928-261-0603 or email: